Managing Stress – CD cover design


Dr. Reznik has been a practitioner of integrative psychotherapy (integrative mind-body therapy) for over thirty years. He helps people overcome illness and achieve their personal and professional goals. This CD is an extension of his work helping individuals identify and deal with stress in there daily lives.

GSK Imitrex Package Revision


GSK (GlaxoSmithKline)wanted to revise the packaging of their migraine relief drug, Imitrex. Although a prescription only drug, they felt it needed a more consumer friendly appearance. Their agency asked me to contribute some ideas. Each row represents, from left to right, the plastic kit holding a special injector, the injectible medication package, the nasal spray, [...]

Hairzing Package Design


The Sennits Company had an innovative and successful product  that held all types of women's hair without snags, tangles or tearing. First selling through TV shopping networks it was time to move it into retail environments. The original package consisted of the product, along with a printed instruction sheet, inside of a vinyl bag meant [...]

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