man in speedy crowd

The Rapid Rise and Last Minute Salvation of

The Fastest Guy Alive

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My Patient Experience

bug alive


A word here about the stories published in Heavy Metal below. When I first went over to their offices (‘lo these many years ago), I met John Workman, then art director there. If you don’t know his name, you haven’t been reading comics. He’s been an editor, writer, artist, designer, colorist, and letterer and worked for just about every company around. It was with his help, kindness, patience and generosity that my work was published. The (very) newbie me shared space in that publication with some truly great artists and writers for which I am grateful. Thanks again John.

swimmer looking intp giant eye

Down Deep

changed man

Them Changes

Underground Comic

elephant detective


man clutching head

The Tragic Life and Lamentable Career of a Being Whose Powers Far Exceeded Those of Mortal Men