“Talking ’bout love”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Stuart is extremely knowledgeable and provides very detailed work. His engineered drawings really work and are ready to go to production. All you have to do is point him in a direction and the ideas flow like water. He is one of the best assets I have to work with for over 10 years now. I could go on and on about how good Stuart’s work is.

Russell Baingo, President Pzazzz Industries
Stuart was my chief designer at a time when the design industry was being transformed by computers – both by the internet and by software. He was indispensable and after I relocated my firm to another city – where Stuart could not follow – and I had to work without him, I understood even more how much he had contributed. He is also a talented artist and illustrator – which should not be overlooked by anyone using his talents.
Steve Duffy, Owner/Design Principal, Steve Duffy Design, Inc.
Stuart Nezin has a demonstrated capability in creating a visual identity to companies and in incorporating the spirit of his client companies into his logo designs. Stuart’s work demonstrates great creativity and his service is most personable and reliable. It has been a pleasure getting to know Stuart and working with him.
Maurits W. Geerlings, CEO Formula Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
I hired Stuart to design an advertisement for my law firm. I am thrilled with the results, and it was a great pleasure to work with Stuart. I gave him a pretty brief description of what I wanted and sent a photo for him to work with, and Stuart sent me a brilliant mock-up very quickly. He seemed to intuitively grasp the result I was looking for, and the finished product was better than I had allowed myself to hope for. Another thing I liked about Stuart is his cheerful response to input from his client. I changed my mind a time or two, and asked for a few changes based on requests from people in my office, and Stuart happily and quickly made the changes. He is very easy to work with and a brilliant artist. I give Stuart my highest recommendation, and I will definitely use him again!
James DeRossitt, The DeRossitt Law Firm
For years I maintained a kind of home-made website advertising my second home in the French countryside to potential paying guests. Stu Nezin has transformed it from a dusty attic of miscellaneous photos and textual odds-and-ends into a lovely gallery of bright images and succinct information—complete with useful links to relevant local websites and a calendar showing when the house is available. He knew exactly how to elicit and organize each element of the new site, and how to arrange it all into a coherent whole. Take a look at www.FranceVillageRental.com
James Rule, Author, Sociologist, Educator