If you’re using Windows then do yourself a favor and try X-Mouse, a free utility for configuring mouse buttons and the scroll wheel.

This may not sound special, mouse software typically allows some button configuration – but nothing like X-Mouse. Buttons can be configured for different behavior in different programs. One thing I found helpful was having the wheel button be Shift in Photoshop, allowing me to drag the window around without touching the keyboard. This just scratches the surface of the capabilities provided.

It also works for various Windows functions and is compatible with XP through Windows 10 in 32 and 64bit versions.

Find it here  – https://www.highrez.co.uk/downloads/xmousebuttoncontrol.htm along with more information and the User Guide here – https://vps2.highrez.co.uk/downloads/X-Mouse%20Button%20Control%20User%20Guide.pdf . Consider saying thanks to creator Phillip Gibbons with a donation.