A while ago I bought a second monitor with better color rendition. The problem was where to put it. The answer was an articulating arm I could attach to a pretty small work table, but which one. After reading a lot of product reviews, I found Ergotech ( ergotechgroup.com ) through an extensive user video on YouTube. I had a few other companies in mind but needed to ask some questions. Ergotech was the only one that answered their phone.

There are different models for different weight monitors, single or multiple, wall and desk mount. The one I have is the Ergotech Freedom Arm which adjusts forward and back, up and down, tilts, pans, and rotates. It mount to my desk edge with a hand tightened clamp that seems wider (more secure) and more attractive than competitors. The whole thing is very solid and good looking and has clips beneath for cable management, a nice touch. Most important it really works great.

So, looks great, built right,works great and also – priced great ( I found mine on Amazon – Ergotech on Amazon ).