P’zazzz Industries


P'zazzz Industries is a provider of unique custom displays, packaging and promotional items, clothing and bags for brand and corporate support, and items for professional hair salons. Everything is designed to individual requirements. P'zazzz solutions are complete, from manufacture, to assembly of diverse elements, to pack out, to shipping. Please see the site at [...]

Berkeley Backup


Berkeley Backup is a small computer company in San Francisco's East Bay doing software and hardware repairs, upgrades, and installation. They were ready for a better web presence. Their clients include individuals, many not technically inclined, elderly, disabled, etc. who just need their gear to work, as well as non-profit and business. The site itself [...]

Labatt Mini Keg Merchandiser


Each keg held about 5 gallons, so the total weight of 24 kegs was substantial. Keeping the fixture cost within reason for supermarket distribution was also a consideration. The design -an underlying knockdown metal tube structure with heavy wire cradles for the kegs, Over that, a printed corrugated paper board decorative finish.

Stila Counter Display Modules


Stila Cosmetics extensive line of products couldn't be held on a single display. A modular system was created with a stair stepped black acrylic base that accepted clear acrylic inserts customized to the product. This allows for quickly updating a line or introducing new products without the expense or delay of an entirely new fixture. [...]

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